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        • Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate
        • Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate

        Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate(AEO1、AEO2、AEO3)

      1. Chinese:聚乙氧基化脂肪醇(GB)/天然脂肪醇聚氧乙烯醚(別名)/月桂醇聚醚(INCI)
      2. English:Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate / LAURETH(INCI)
      3. Molecular formula:RO(CH2CH2O)nH
      4. Package:ISO TANK,200kg Iron drum,1000kg IBC
      5. Contact Us:0752-5118125




        It is made by natural fatty alcohol or synthetic fatty alcohol. It is easily soluble in oil and polar solvent. It is dispersive in water and has good emulsifying performance.As the w / O emulsifier, it has low toxicity, easy biodegradation, good emulsification and foaming ability, and is an important non-ionic surfactant.


        It is an intermediate form for the production and preparation of alcohol ether anionic surfactant. It is mainly used in the production of AES by S03 continuous sulfonation method, and also used as industrial detergent and emulsifier. It is widely used in civil detergent, chemical fiber oil agent, textile industry, leather industry, pesticide, electroplating, papermaking, cosmetics and other industries.

         Product features

        Physical characteristics
        Appearance (25℃)Transparent oily liquid without obvious impurities or precipitation;
        Odor(25℃)Under the standard , no odor
        Color (Hazen)≤20
        Chemical properties
        Moisture content %≤0.1
        PH value(25℃ 1% aqueous solution )6.0-7.5
        Active matter content≥99.9
        mgKOH/gHydroxyl value mgKOH / gAEO1:234-242  /  AEO2:195-205  /  AEO3:171-178

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