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        Hello,Welcome to the ZHISHENG (HUIZHOU) PETROCHEMICALS CORP. LTD. official website !

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        ZHISHENG (HUIZHOU) PETROCHEMICALS CORP. LTD.  was established in 31st December, 2006. invested by SIGNPOST (HK) LIMITED , a wholly-owned subsidiary of HO TUNG CHEMICAL CORP. It covers an area of 40000 square meters. The total investment is US $30 million, the registered capital is US $13 million. It located at No.1st Coastal Road 10th Dayawan Petrochemical Industrial Park , Huizhou, Guangdong Province.The main products are non-ionic surfactants and anionic surfactant, which are widely used in shampoo, shower gel, tableware detergent, hand washing and toothpaste,textile dyeing and other Special cleaning agents ,etc. Products sold at home and abroad.

        Main customers:P & G, Unilever, Colgate,Bluemoon,Whealthfields, LiBai, Mingchen, Laf,Perfect ,etc.

        HO TUNG CHEMICAL CORP. is a listed group company in Taiwan China, which mainly produces and sells surfactants, and it has reached the world-class advanced level and is one of the largest suppliers of detergent raw materials in Asia. At present, we have  subsidiary companies in Chinese mainland, such as Nanjing, Xiamen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Taixing, Ma'anshan, Huaian, Chengdu and Guangzhou .The production of linear alkylbenzene exceeds 300 thousand tons per year, and the production of alkylbenzene sulfonic acid exceeds 200 thousand tons per year, both sales volume ranks first in the Chinese mainland.

        Enterprise Vision:people-oriented, keeping pace with the times. We will be committed to becoming one of the most valuable service manufacturers and one of the largest and best surfactant suppliers in Chinese daily chemical articles  industry.

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